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Matthew Ricker

Experiences and Work from an MA in Library and Information Science


My Story

I'm an MA LIS graduate from the University of Arizona with a certificate in Archival Studies.  I'm a mid-life career change candidate pivoting from a career in business and sales to a career working in information environments.  I have a deep love of education and community service developed through my experiences as a high school teacher and social worker, and I am seeking a position in libraries or archives, where I can make a difference connecting people with materials and resources that they need.  I intend to seek a career in an archive, public library, or academic library setting where I can become an ally to the people of my community not only in connecting them to resources but in helping to create a "place" in the library where every person is accepted.  I am also seeking an opportunity to continue mentoring and teaching, to pass along a love for discovery, information, and lifelong learning.  

My Instructional Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to provide the most effective and equitable learning environment for all learners to achieve and create personalized and transformative learning that is transferable to life outside of the classroom.  The classroom and my methodology will be inclusive, active, and varied to provide each learner the opportunity to adapt to a variety of learning situations.  I will strive to encourage a co-created space with shared goals, expectations and understanding.  I will create this space and reach these goals by using theory such as backward-design, adaptive teaching, focus on learning outcomes, and critical pedagogy.  Students will learn in an environment where failure is an opportunity to learn and where each student feels comfortable demonstrating their learning in ways that are unique to them.  My philosophy and these actions are grounded in social justice and focus on why we are learning, and how that learning can be valuable and transformative.



BA Economics and Spanish

 University of Virginia

MA Curriculum and Instruction

Portland State University

MA Library and Information Science

University of Arizona

Skills & Interests


Digital Preservation

Information Literacy

Instruction in Information Environments

Community Collaboration and Outreach


Ready to Connect

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